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BJA Philosophy
Betty Johnson & Associates was established in 2003 to help nonprofits grow themselves. Its founder, Betty Johnson, has more than 25 years of nonprofit experience. She has had a rewarding career working with many great volunteers and dedicated staff — all fulfilling the organization’s vision and mission. 

Throughout her career she has seen what volunteers and staff can accomplish when they know and understand their roles, the importance of working together, and how to respect and utilize the strengths and skills of everyone in the organization. Johnson recognized quickly that an organization’s success, whether in programming or fundraising, takes this team effort.

Betty Johnson and Associates will work with your organization to build such a team.

Johnson also quickly recognized the importance of building long-term relationships with donors. They are the long-term partners in your organization’s success.  Donors invest in your nonprofit. They want confidence that their investment is solid and worthwhile. 

Donors also deserve our respect. We should educate them about our organizations, our successes and our challenges. Donor relationships, when built properly, will give donors respect, satisfaction and pride in your organization. 

We will work with you to develop these donor relationships, building a base of current and future donors who will help your organization.

Betty Johnson & Associates

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