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How can Betty Johnson & Associates help you and your organization?
Betty Johnson & Associates believes development is a long-term process that takes planning, commitment, and people who are committed to the cause.

With more than 20 years of experience, BJA can —

a Provide hands-on counsel for your non-profit organization to help enhance your development programs, your volunteer activity, and your organization’s goals
and outcomes.

Assist your staff members in their efforts to increase their productivity with trainings, coaching, and clear plans with defined goals.

Train your board members to develop fully their roles on topics specific to your organization and its needs.

Provide experienced capital-campaign guidance to assist you and your organization through this growing experience.

Analyze your development program and provide practical recommendations to grow your private dollars.

Conduct a feasibility study to determine where your organization stands with your donors, board members, and prospective donors.

Make development a fun, viable part of your organization and enhance your dollars to grow your programs.

Who is Betty Johnson?
Betty Johnson has more than 25 years of experience in the non-profit world, working with a national health organization, a regional organization and a major university.

She has worked extensively with volunteers and realizes the important role they play in a successful nonprofit.

As a staff member, she has experience working in the fields of development, management, marketing, and public relations.

She has trained numerous board members, volunteers, and staff; led strategic planning sessions, board retreats and goal-setting exercises; and participated in various capital campaigns.

She has directed major national campaigns, exceeding goals in both efforts,
through planning, volunteer recruitment, management, solicitation and stewardship.

Betty Johnson PhotoBetty is a certified fund raising executive (CFRE), a graduate of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Faculty Training program, and a speaker at numerous conferences on the national, regional and state level on a variety of non-profit topics.

Betty Johnson & Associates is a member of the Association of Philanthropic Counsel and the Association of Fund Raising Professionals.

BJA Philosophy
Betty Johnson & Associates was established in 2003 to help nonprofits grow themselves. Its founder, Betty Johnson, has more than 25 years of nonprofit experience. She has had a rewarding career working with many great volunteers and dedicated staff — all fulfilling the organization’s vision and mission. 

Throughout her career she has seen what volunteers and staff can accomplish when they know and understand their roles, the importance of working together, and how to respect and utilize the strengths and skills of everyone in the organization. Johnson recognized quickly that an organization’s success, whether in programming or fundraising, takes this team effort.

Betty Johnson and Associates will work with your organization to build such a team.

Johnson also quickly recognized the importance of building long-term relationships with donors. They are the long-term partners in your organization’s success.  Donors invest in your nonprofit. They want confidence that their investment is solid and worthwhile. 

Donors also deserve our respect. We should educate them about our organizations, our successes and our challenges. Donor relationships, when built properly, will give donors respect, satisfaction and pride in your organization. 

We will work with you to develop these donor relationships, building a base of current and future donors who will help your organization.

Beth Shearer

Beth Shearer has joined Betty Johnson and Associates, bringing 20+ years of fundraising and non-profit management experience.   Over the years, Beth has worked in the fields of education, community organizations and health care.  She has worked for a small private college, a major university, served as executive director of a mission driven organization and facilitated the formation of a new foundation focusing on the health care issues of children.

In all these roles, she has demonstrated the ability to reach and exceed fundraising goals.  She has successfully completed capital campaigns, scholarship campaigns and endowment campaigns.  She has built a base of loyal donors for each organization and most recently, because the organization was new, she built that base of support to over 200 new donors where there were no previous donors.  This latest project included establishing a comprehensive fund raising system for the new organization.

Beth believes the key to successful fundraising lies in building and maintaining strong relationships with philanthropic individuals.  She has the ability to easily and quickly develop a rapport with diverse individuals.   With a strong background in volunteer management, she is able to creatively match the strengths and talents of individuals to achieve the goals of the institution. 

Most recently, she has demonstrated the ability to work closely with medical communities seeking gift support for pediatric health initiatives.  She is a dedicated and productive member of her community and has served on numerous board and committees. 

Beth is a lifelong Kansan, growing up in Wichita.  After graduating from Bishop Carroll High School, Beth earned a bachelor's degree in art education from Emporia State University.  She is a certified fund raising executive (CFRE) and a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 

Sandra Fruit

Sandra Fruit has more than twenty years experience in non-profit management, planned giving, and marketing and public relations particularly in higher education, healthcare, and community foundations.

She has been involved in the start-up of numerous community foundations, serving both as executive director and founding board member. As a result she has an appreciation for the role of the volunteer board member, and insight into the training and expertise needed for boards to successfully navigate through the early years of an organization.

Trained in charitable gift planning, Sandra has a track record of successfully closing multi-million dollar gifts in local, regional and national campaigns.

She has a personal interest in women and philanthropy issues, and is a frequent speaker  on basic financial management and charitable estate planning for women. Her program, “Family, Life and Money” teaches women family values-based philanthropy.

Sandra is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the National Committee on Planned Giving, and currently serves as president of the Central Kansas Planned Giving Roundtable.

Whether you are looking for campaign leadership, a speaker sure to motivate you planned giving prospects, or training for your volunteer boards, Sandi’s experience can help your organization realize their goals and objectives.

Donor identification and development
Many organizations are good at meeting their goals and their missions.

But they often overlook, even misunderstand, development, as well as its potential to generate overlooked funds. We can analyze your donor base — and your relationships
and communications with your donors.

The result can mean a stronger organization, through increased involvement
and commitment.

Leadership Training
Volunteers are the greatest asset of any organization — and when volunteers are committed and staff leaders strong, you’ve built a winning team.

Our training program focuses and consolidates your team. A successful organization has staff members and volunteers who understand their roles and the importance of working together to fulfill the nonprofit’s mission.

With our leadership training, your team members can learn these roles, the potential of the organization, and the potential in your organization’s future.

We will design your training specifically to meet your needs.

Grant & proposal writing
If you’re looking for corporate, foundation or government dollars, the relationship and the proposal are keys to your success.

You can tap our extensive experience in working with foundations and corporations and with government programs.

We’ll help your organization benefit from these revenue sources, so you can expand or enhance your current programs.

Women in philanthropy
This program is designed specifically to market charitable giving to your female donors.

Learn how to involve more women in your volunteer leadership positions, and learn
the differences between women and men as donors.

We can help you increase their potential for your organization — through their investments, money management and estate planning.

Fundraising & development
A strong development program is based on a plan, with realistic goals for proper
and timely implementation.

You must have the right people involved — people who know and understand the development process and the organization.

Betty Johnson & Associates can help you create a program for your nonprofit that will build both dollars and donors.

Who is Betty Johnson?

Betty Johnson & Associates also assists religious organizations with successful
capital campaigns.

Betty is a senior consultant for Mark Davy & Associates, a national firm with more than 17 years of experience — and more than 250 successful capital campaigns in this specialty.

Churches and synagogues large and small — with memberships from 50 families to several thousand — have used these services, and their campaigns have raised from $350,000 to $10 million.

Through strategic planning, a feasibility study and an in-depth analysis of your potential,
we can help your religious organization lay the groundwork for a successful
capital campaign.

Feasibility Studies
If you are considering a capital campaign, a feasibility study will define your project, help design your campaign strategy, clarify your case statement, and uncover volunteers and donors. You’ll learn what your board, donors, and donor prospects think of your organization and your project.

It’s a must before any capital campaign. It is your road map to success.

Capital Campaigns
Most organizations, at some time, will have at least one capital campaign.

A campaign is a great opportunity to expand your organization, your volunteers, your donor base, your assets, and your organization’s presence to the public.

The purposes of the capital campaign can vary, depending upon your organization
and its needs, but a campaign is a great growing experience for staff and volunteers — while providing additional funding.

Development Audits
Just as you audit your finances, so should you audit your development program.

Every three to five years, a development audit can examine your overall development program and determine its effectiveness, its strengths and weaknesses, and its potential for growth.

From top to bottom, the audit can analyze staffing, volunteer involvement, structure, successes and your donor base — to name a few areas.

Strategic Plannin
Organizations have a mission and vision, but both should be reviewed regularly. You should build a organizational plan — and then update to fulfill your mission and vision. 

Strategic planning helps staffers and volunteers understand the direction of the organization and determine the plan for success. The process builds unity and understanding. 

We can help your nonprofit get organized — and provide it a direction; set goals, timelines, and responsibilities; and evaluate your current and future needs.

That’s successful strategic planning.

Speakers bureau
If you need a speaker for a national, regional, state or local meeting — or a speaker for a board meeting, retreat, or training — let Betty Johnson & Associates help. We can provide you with experienced speakers on a variety of topics to meet your needs.

Available topics include all areas of development, board training, strategic planning,
and non-profit management.

Among our sessions —

space How to Make the Ask
Grant Writing
Soliciting Corporations and Foundations
How to Run a One-Person Development Shop
How to Succeed in the Trenches
Are you Listening?

— among many other possibilities.

Let us build a presentation for your individual needs, utilizing our years of experience in the non-profit arena.

We’ll engage your participants and provide them with the knowledge and tips to make immediate improvements.

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